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Jolly Smith

Water Color, Acrylic, Pastel

Paintings of animals, sea and landscapes, fantasies and stars


     I was extremely lucky to grow up in rural Pennsylvania, before the malls and highways, and doubly blessed to attend a Rudolph Steiner School nursery through 12th grade. Steiner believed all of us are born creative, and that the best way to educate children is to stimulate their natural curiosity through the beauty of nature and art making.

     After getting burned out by social work in my early thirties, I returned to college and immersed myself in art. I used that time to heal, self-explore, and find new direction. I believe each artist gets to define for themselves what art is! For myself art is my healer, a waking meditation of prayers and gratitude. This year marks my 40th year as a studio artist. In that time, I have explored many series of different works, from self-portraits, surreal internal imagery, abstract bone paintings, and bone mobiles.

     Currently I am involved in what I refer to as my “Star Paintings” —different views of our night sky with a surprise of animal shapes in the stars. I find it so exciting that in my lifetime astronomers have discovered that there are MILLIONS of galaxies, not just our precious Milky Way. As a child I used to wonder what infinity looked like. Time and again I would turn towards the stars, trying to grasp what endless possibilities would feel like. Sometimes when life feels dark, I look up to the light of our universe and feel infinite hope. These Star Paintings are my expression of that hope that I wish to share with you. I use a mixed media of watercolor and acrylic on this series.

     For inspiration and comfort, I have always looked to MOTHER NATURE and all her many creatures. I have been extremely blessed to befriend, ride, and love horses most of my life. They not only can take you into nature, but horses also allow you to feel part of nature. I try to share that experience of feeling part of nature in a series of “Animal Portraits.” Since 2015 I have painted nearly 500 vibrant watercolor paintings of animals found around the globe. I donate these paintings to raise money for our local animal shelter, as well as for organizations that protect endangered species. This project I dearly love. It gives me a chance to give something back to my community.

     I’ve shown in many galleries over the years, in Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico, as well as in New York and California. I am now retired from all that hoopla and very happy to be. Now I’m painting for just me and you! Please enjoy! Thanks, Jolly

Directions to Studio #10 at 220 Lupine Close, The Sea Ranch. From Hwy 1 at mile marker 55.03, go east on Deerfield Road, right on Lupine Close to top of cul-de-sac and look for the Tour sign.

Studio Tour Hours:

Open August 24-25 & Aug. 31-Sept. 2
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Studio 10 is also open by appointment, year-round.


No Pets, please.

No Public Restrooms.



Phone: 707-785-3696

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