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Brenda Phillips

Functional pottery

IMG_6991 Brenda Phillips_edited.jpg

The craft of making vases, cups, bowls, plates, etc. from clay has been my pleasure for the past twenty years.

My son, Jay, made beautiful ceramic bowls while at Point Arena High School which inspired me to pursue pottery.

Brandybuck with Kaye Like and Mendocino Art Center were two of many places where I developed my skills.

Adornments on my pieces come from living by the mighty ocean, such as shells, octopus, etc., with their blue-green glazes.

Most of my glazes are recipes that I follow from the masters of ceramics. My creative touch comes from how I put the different glazes together.  That makes opening the kiln very exciting!

Directions to Studio #24 at 40885 Mountain View Road, Manchester From the intersection of Mountain View Road with Highway 1 go 2.7 miles up Mountain View Road to 40885, on the right.

Studio Tour Hours

August 26 & 27 September 2-4

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Cell Phone:  707-684-9718

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