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CC Case

Drawing and Painting in watercolor and acrylic. I also have a few ceramic pieces.

When drawing human figures, I draw in charcoal and/or pastel. I also produce Expressionist, Abstract, and Realistic landscapes and seascapes   

Artist CC Case at work

My art is eclectic- I love to draw the human figure, and also experimenting with acrylic, watercolor, pastel, oil, digital photography, and even ceramic media. My artistic journey began as a young child, and I worked in printing and advertising in pre-computer days before seeking more interactive work in the fields of developmental disabilities and special education, where I was able to use my art skills to make educational materials and in creating environments.

     At my studio, you will find figure drawings in charcoal and pastel, paintings in both abstract and realistic styles, and my small ceramic bird and driftwood sculptures. I will also have photo cards of local scenery and digitally manipulated photo prints. I will be showing work with my husband, potter Eric Harald Nordvold.

     The human figure is fascinating for its inherent beauty and the challenge of depicting form believably while also capturing some essence of the mood or spirit of the model. In painting I aim to convey mood or emotion of real or imagined subjects, depicting energy by the choice of  a color or stroke of a brush.

     I have exhibited and sold my work in the places I have lived across the country, and won awards for my drawing and paintings from Elmira College, Schenectady (NY) Art Association, and Gualala Arts. I am nourished and inspired by our beautiful coastal surroundings, and look forward to meeting you at my home in the redwoods.

Directions to Studio 16 at 46701 Collins Landing Road, Gualala. Turn inland at mile marker 3.59 onto Collins Landing Road (north of Gualala, just north of St. Orres, and about 1 mile south of Anchor Bay.) My studio is approximately 1/3 mile up the road, on the right. 

Studio Tour Hours:

August 27 & 28 September 3-5
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

My studio is also open by appointment year-round.



Cell Phone: 707-339-2324

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