Acrylic Paintings

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Abstract artist Michael Connor measures everything on either side of May 20, 2016. That's the day he had his near-fatal heart attack. Born in Minneapolis and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Connor first came to California in 1980 and began working in the advertising industry as a graphic designer. From there he eventually opened his own firm, and by 2016 was an established industry veteran.


"I had a three-hour operation that night and they basically lost me on the table as I went into full arrest," he explained. "Well obviously they brought me back," he continues. "And the experience was life-altering to say the least." Connor began meditation stress therapy and began reliving the heart attack. Life-after-near-death became a profound inspiration for him. His abstracts are ethereal, evocative and heavily steeped in themes of water. His non-linear narratives illustrate his experience navigating what he candidly describes as "going somewhere else." 

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