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Barbara Poole

Printmaking, Painting in Oil and Watercolor

Etchings and paintings that are often narrative and reflect moments in time

Artist Barbar Pool at work.
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Directions to Studio #3 at 36581 Sculpture Point Drive, The Sea Ranch.
At mile marker 52.5 turn onto Navigators Reach. Immediate right turn (north) to Sculpture Point Drive. 36581 is on the north side of street before the cul-de-sac. Please park on the street.

Studio Tour Hours

August 26 & 27 & September 2-4
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

My studio is open year-round by appointment.

 My art is often experimental and based on what I see and feel. I notice that I am always documenting, whether it be the passage of time or my surroundings. Primarily I am a printmaker, but I often make a series based on the same idea in oil, watercolor and sometimes taking it to 3 dimensions.  I’ve been influenced by other artists, usually printmakers who do unusual techniques, and by my childhood in rural Pennsylvania.  My goal is to learn new skills and develop art methods I haven’t done before every year which has led to challenges and many surprises.  This year I have begun using gouache after many years of admiring David Park’s gouache studies. 


Since the pandemic, my art has become more about the experience of looking at the world and myself in a different way.  The twisting and intertwining pieces I have recently made seem to have come from this as well as some books that include parts of my work from the past.


My work is collected by Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, and displayed in their San Rafael and Petaluma offices.  Paramount Theaters has collected and rented many of my pieces to use for Netflix.


I participate in The Studio Discovery Tour each year and show at the Dolphin Gallery in Gualala, and in my San Rafael Studio at 1337 4th Street, San Rafael.

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