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Kathryn Weiss

Flame worked glass, jewelry

I create beads by melting and shaping glass in a flame. These beads become jewelry and other artwork.

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Colored glass, shaped by fire, transforms white light into the colors we see.


Working with glass is a way of coloring light, transmitted through the transparent glass, or reflected from opaque glass. A layer of transparent glass over an opaque core creates a sense of depth, and magnifies what lies beneath it. Pure silver foil and dichroic metal films add other effects to the glass. 

Creating the beads in my studio means that I can begin with the final design in mind, and make beads to enhance the composition.  

Many of my beads combine opaque and transparent glass in the same piece, to create depth within the bead or swirled into a vortex.  Some beads are hollow, making them lighter than their solid counterparts. This results in jewelry with strong visual impact while remaining easy to wear. 

Fogline Studio is named for that ever-changing location where fog and sunlight meet along the coast. Some days I work in brilliant sunshine, while others bring cooling fog that filters the light. And some days the fogline hovers above my studio, shifting hour by hour. 

I have received numerous awards in the glass, jewelry categories, and for “Beading Excellence.”  My work is available at Discovery Gallery and Dolphin Gallery in Gualala, Art in the Redwoods, and Festival of Trees. 

Directions to Studio #22 at 46701 Collins Landing Road, Gualala. From Hwy 1 at mile marker 3.59, turn inland on Collins Landing Road, north of St. Orres and about 1 mile south of Anchor Bay. Studio is about 1/3 mile up the road on the right side.

Studio Tour Hours:

Aug. 24-25 & Aug. 31-Sept. 2
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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