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Walt Rush

Gold and silver

jewelry and sculptures

For over 50 years I have been creating jewelry. I am a self-taught jeweler using all facets of jewelry making, from casting in straw, to carving waxes and lost wax casting, to hand fabrications.​

Walt Rush - Casting.jpg

     I have been a recognized award-winning international jeweler for many years now.

I was born In San Francisco. My father was an Architect, and my mother was a painter.  So, I came by my talent naturally. I am a self-taught Gold/Silversmith for over 50 years in which I also used these talents in my retail jewelry store in Ohio for 30 years. My "roots" have always been calling me back to the North Coast of California and, thus, I have returned to the California Coast to create and design works of art in jewelry and precious metal sculptures.  My wife and I have lived on the coast for 20 years now.

     When I was in Ohio, I had a 4,700 sq foot jewelry store that I created into looking like an old gold mine using 24 tons of cement and over 100 railroad ties to create rock walls and the timber structure of a gold mine.

     Most of my jewelry I often design with a general creation in mind. However, as I am creating a particular piece the surroundings, metals, and stones I am working with, influence me to the result. When designing a piece for an individual this will play a role in the creation that takes place. This same concept is used in the carving of my wax designs. I see something in my mind and cut everything else away. What I enjoy doing the most is my water cast designs because I can’t influence what is created from pouring or dripping the molten metal into the water.  I create from the design that takes shape when the metal hardens. I work with all types of stones be it natural specimens, faceted, or a variety of cabochons.

     I believe jewelry should be an attribute to the human body as a painting is to a room or a sculpture is to that special place in a home, building, or yard. My works of art in jewelry or treasured precious metal sculptures are for the discerning in taste.

     Currently, I am a Gemological Institute of America Associate Member, a member of the Gualala Arts Center, Past President of North Coast Artists’ Guild, a member of the Mendocino Art Center, and a member of the Arts Council of Mendocino County.

     My creative designs are on display at the Discovery Gallery in Gualala, the Artists’ Collective Gallery in Elk and the Prentice Gallery in Mendocino. You can also see my jewelry 24/7 on

Directions to Studio #21 at 45881 Sunset Dr.  Anchor Bay. Turn on Sunset Drive across from the Anchor Bay Campground and proceed 1 mile. As you go, keep left at the fork. Watch for the Tour signs: they'll get you to the door.

Studio Tour Hours:

 August 26-27 September 2-4
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


This Studio will be closed Labor Day Monday

​For everyone’s safety, pandemic protocols of masking and distancing are observed.

No Public Restrooms

Pets Welcome





Phone: 707-882-2441 (appointments only)

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