30th Annual Studio Discovery Tour 2022

On the Mendocino / Sonoma Coast

Call to NCAG Artists

2022 Tour Dates: August 27 & 28 & September 3-5












Dear Artist,


At this point, we are a “GO” for a live 2022 Tour!

The successes of the 2021 Tour were welcome in the shadow of the ongoing pandemic. We learned that we can have a successful brochure without advertising, that cell phones can be useful, that being part of the Discovery Gallery makes a huge difference, all of which raises the bar on our expectations for the upcoming season. The big lesson was  that we can be “pandemic safe” and have our commerce, too, if we are diligent. What works for everybody is getting fully vaccinated (that includes the booster), masking appropriately, distancing, controlling our gatherings, do as much outside as we can, and minimize visits into our tight indoor spaces. We are all used to this, and our customers feel safe as well.


Here is what NCAG offer with thirty years of Discovery Tour experience:

Over 8 thousand full-color brochures will be distributed to our extensive maillist and to local hot spots. They will have maps, directions to your studio, and an image of your artwork. And importantly, they will direct art seekers to our upgraded Studio Discovery Tour Online Brochure -- up and running by June 1, 2022 -- where they will get your personal view of your creations and your studio environment, as well as a broader experience of the local venue with coastal scenery. And you will continue to get this website exposure to the end of 2022. During the approaching weeks of the tour, there will be ongoing social media posts on Facebook and Instagram as well as print and radio advertising. The Discovery Gallery, in mid-town Gualala, will once again serve as the SDT 2022 Preview Show with art pieces from every Tour artist from July 8 through September 5. A flyer inserted into the Independent Coast Observer ahead of each tour weekend that will drive inquiries to the Tour website, and from there your links can direct them to your personal website and any e-commerce capability you might develop to sell online.


If your studio is not set up for the public, you might consider sharing space with another artist. Our records show that studios that host other artists increase visitations and sales. Artists with lots of room, let us know if you are willing to share your space. Likewise, if you are looking for an alternative space, let us know; we will try to find you a suitable match.


For those of you who are returning to the Tour, we will want fresh, all new bios and artwork images, and a professional (that’s you), knockout “Artist-at-Work” image. Keep in mind that there are more studios to visit than there is time to visit them all. Visitors are going to choose by your images and bio. The Printed Brochure, Online Brochure and Discovery Gallery combination are great, but it still stands on your images and bio to win new clients and increase your sales. Sharpen your presentation. Build your following, and they as new clients will revisit their favorite artists again and again.


Your Program Information and Tour Application are attached.



North Coast Artist Guild Board of Directors:

Andrea Allen, Colette Coad, Jackie Gardener, Jennie Henderson,

Michael Henderson, Barbara Johannes, Bruce Jones,


NCAG website http://northcoastartistsguild.com

Studio Discovery Tour website https://www.studiodiscoverytour.com

Tour Information and  Application Download