NCAG Studio Discovery Tour 2021 



  The NCAG Board is planning the Studio Discovery Tour 2021, considering the potentials of closed, partially closed, and fully open tour scenarios, and we are hopeful that we could have a clear commitment by late June to early July to finalize our plans. The dates for the two-weekend live event are set for Saturday-Sunday, August 28-29, and Saturday-Monday, September 4-6, 2021. We are cautiously optimistic that the Pandemic will be sufficiently under control to have a fully open, live event. Much of that decision will be determined by State and County protocols. Regardless, we are firmly planted in developing a continuous Virtual Studio Tour via this website, and to some extent, it will be an actual tour of open art studios for as many artists as possible.


     Nothing can replace a warm and welcome studio with the personal bond between artist and art lover. We know it, and so does the art buyer. Our community’s pandemic experience has revealed new options to our artists. The importance of cell phones and social media like Instagram, Facebook, and ZOOM meetings will continue to give new power to the stay-at-home business that now includes a corner studio in your private home, adding a significant point of sale that is not affected by season, weather, or viruses. The Studio Discovery Tour itself has shown us how much our studio’s persona and the presence of the artist is our most powerful sales generator. The public, likewise, has become more accepting that “virtual” can still be “personal.” We encourage (but not require) our artists to connect to the changing world with personal websites, e-commerce capability, skills with photographing their work, posting on social media, and encourage jumping into video to make the virtual world more live.


    We have updated the Studio Discovery Tour website to be the official online brochure for the Tour. It will represent all participating artists, providing information about each just as the past printed brochures did. The costs of the online brochure are significantly less compared to the printed brochure that was published annually. In its absence, we will create a flyer to mail out to our contacts that will invite them to the event as well as direct them to the SDT website. From there, an artist’s links will take them to his or her personal website, to any social media sites they post, to any e-commerce sites they manage, and the personal invitation to their studio. Their presence on the website will continue long after the live tour dates have passed.


We wish you all the best in our anticipated recovery from the “Great Pause.”