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Theodore Wilson

Pen and Ink, oil, gouache, and acrylic on paper and canvas
 Linear ambient abstract work


My artistic journey began as a visual exploration of network and system structures, drawing inspiration from my background in network protocols. Over time, my work has evolved to embrace abstract explorations of form, complexity, and emergence, reflecting my fascination with the intricate interplay between structure and fluidity. A central theme in my work is the role of balance and form, which I derive from my long-standing practice of creating rock balance sculptures.


A core focus of my professional work has been has been an examination of digital rights, from both a technical and legal perspective.  In the context of artistic works, I am interested in the manner in which a creative assemblage can be mapped, from its inspirations and inputs, to its initial expression, and through its derivations.


I explore this in my artwork through the production of "mechanical monoprints", a process in which a vectorized interpretation of some source image serves as an input to a pen plotter.  The resulting prints showcase the complexity and emergence of new aesthetic qualities and perspectives, as each production is a novel permutation of dimension, surface, composition, and color, permeating each print with a unique character while retaining the essence of the original creative inputs.


Recently, I have expanded my exploration of derivative works to include my rock balance sculptures.  The meditative aspect of constructing these sculptures has always served as an source of intrinsic inspiration, motivating an internal sense of balance and aesthetic composition that I express in my drawings.  But I am intrigued as well by the ways in which a photograph can more precisely capture a fleeting moment of the sculptural assemblage, preserving an aspect of its appearance that can then serve as a direct reference or inspiration for a derivative work. This creative process allows me to reflect on the impermanence of the source structures and the meditative practice that underpins their creation, while showcasing the complexity and emergence of new forms long after the original sculptures have succumbed to gravity, waves, wind, or an inquisitive prod.


Through my artistic process, I hope to engage viewers in a conversation about the connections between inspiration, derivation, and expression, as well as the boundaries of intellectual property and artistic freedom in the context of "remixing" a source IP.


I work from my studios in Oakland, CA, and the rock-strewn coves of the Sonoma coast and will be exhibiting my work alongside that of my father Keith Wilson at the NCAG Studio Tour this year.

Directions to Studio #8 at 39295 Pacific Reach, The Sea Ranch. From mid-Sea Ranch (near Chapel and Fire Station) turn right onto Whalebone Reach from Hwy 1. Take the first right onto Pacific Reach. The studio is at the 4th house on the left, behind a large cypress hedge. Please park along the street.

Studio Tour Hours:

August 26-27 and September 2-4
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.



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