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Ralph Matheson

Algorithmic art, computer generated.
Computer generated art, called algorithmic art


Directions to Studio #26 at 34101 Highway 1, Gualala 

From Anchor Bay drive north 1.3 miles on Hwy 1. 
At mile marker 5.79 turn east into driveway 
immediately north of Ohlson Lane.

Studio Tour Hours

August 24-25 & Aug. 31-Sept. 2
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

My studio is also open all year by appointment.



Phone:  707-888-3712

I was an architect for over 52 years, at my firm, Matheson Design, in Gualala. Over the years, I worked on projects at the Sea Ranch, in Mendocino county, in the Bay area, and in Hawaii. I retired three years ago and am enjoying creating new art.  I have created a 3-D software program called “Trueview”, that has sold in the U.S. and in Europe. With an interest in computer and design, I’ve generated art using ancient spiritual symbols, and my programming new designs.


My artwork is intriguing to the viewer due to the symbols and the thousands of lines of color intersecting. With the integration of the light box, the circular images appear to be illuminated and moving.


As an Architectural Project Designer, I have done over 430 projects at The Sea Ranch, and I have received many Sea Ranch Awards for my designs. The Community Enhancement Award is among them, and the five houses that are now listed in the National Historical Registry. 


I studied architecture at the Univ of California, Berkeley, as well as engineering and computer operations research at Auto Desk. This was the foundation for my present artwork  that has evolved over the years. My computer artwork is called Algorithmic Computer Art.


I am happy to have  you visit my studio and share my new images.

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