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Perry Hoffman

Mosaics, ceramics, photography

I work in a variety of mediums: picassiette mosaics, ceramic sculpture, ceramic totems, and vessels, and wildlife photography.

I am Perry Hoffman, artist, photographer, mosaic maker, tile maker, and creator of the Tile House in the Mojave desert, specifically in Wonder Valley, east of Twentynine Palms.
Born in 1953 in Los Angeles, California, at the Queen of Angels Hospital.  My parents were New York Jews, Rose & Ben, who always taught, peace, love, understanding, and compassion for all people and had a love of art and music. You learn these things early. Grateful.

Studied art in first grade and got in trouble for drawing a nude.
Studied art at California Institute of the Arts in Valencia in the early seventies. Played with Paul Reubens and David Hasselhoff. Causing a ruckus, with a few regrets but otherwise a fun time.

Migrated in 1975 to San Francisco, doing color Xerox collage and mail art, photography and clay, and small backyard gardens. Great classes with Toby Klayman in San Francisco, who taught Business and Visual Artist. Forever grateful being introduced to POSTCARDS… 

Participated in many group shows with copy-art artists in the Albany State Museum and a few in various locations in San Francisco, like La Mamelle Gallery and Fort Mason. Those were the days. This part requires a book.

In 2000 the stark and open, hard and hot, sometimes freezing desert embraced me, where I explored an in-depth study of life and my surroundings with camera in hand and embarked on a mosaic project taking on an entire house inside and out with the environs of Joshua Tree National Park at my side. The Tile House was inspired by my first visit to Watts Towers when I was ten years old and by the wildlife, huge skies, and magic of the desert. 

The last fifteen years finds me working in clay, mosaics, painting, digital collage, and 

still photographing the wildlife that inspires me.

After 23 years in southern California, it was time to return to the north to work the land, raise chickens and make more art in all my favorite mediums, now including abalone shells as we find ourselves in Gualala on the amazing magical coast of Northern California.

Directions to Studio #17 at 38201  S. Hwy 1, Gualala.  Heading north from Gualala turn right at mile marker 1.78. Follow the tour signs to the studio at the end of the road. 


Studio Tour Hours:

August 26 & 27 September 2-4
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Also my studio is open by appointment year round.


No Public Restrooms

No Pets Please



Cell: 805-452-4898

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