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Pam Powell

Digital Photography
Nature photography with an emphasis on animals in their native environment, using digital technology

Photographer Pam Powell at work

Pam Powell spent her early life in various conservative small towns and suburbs of the American Midwest and beyond.  After college, Pam moved to the Northeast and began a lifelong career in fire protection.  During her working life, she helped develop the specialty of public fire and life safety education and served as a writer, editor, and managing editor for dozens of fire protection magazines, peer-reviewed journals, textbooks, and reference books.


Since retiring to Gualala in 2011, Pam became increasingly involved in nature photography.  While she appreciates abundant landscapes, she is more interested in how small, simple details convey the “stories” of nature.  For this reason, she often uses short depth-of-field for crisp uncluttered images. 


Pam has exhibited her photography at the Coast Highway Artists Collective, Dolphin Gallery, the Gualala Arts Center, and White Cap Coffee and Tea.  She has learned to write haiku and senryu and has published a work of flash fiction,  Antrim: Tales from the Heartland.  She has been a language arts tutor for Action Network.  In addition, she plays mountain dulcimer and acoustic bass guitar, is a licensed radio amateur operator KA1LHQ, is a certified Advanced Open Water SCUBA diver, and is a private pilot.

Directions to Studio #21 at 45881 Sunset Drive, Anchor Bay. Turn on Sunset Drive across from the Anchor Bay Campground and proceed 1 mile. As you go, keep left at the fork. Watch for the Tour signs: they'll get you to the door.

Studio Tour Hours:

 August 26-27 September 2-4
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

I will be absent from this studio over the Labor Day weekend.


​For everyone’s safety, pandemic protocols of masking and distancing are observed.

No Public Restrooms

Pets Welcome



 Phone: 884-1323

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