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Marla Sparkkle Skibbins

Jewelry & Glass

Jewelry and glass infused with intentions of courage, love, wisdom and gratitude.

Directions to Studio #23 at 25215 Ten Mile Road, Point Arena. From Point Arena turn east on Riverside/Eureka Hill Road. Stay right onto Ten Mile Road. Driveway is on the right. Studio is on the first left down the hill.  Approaching from the south:  Go 4.5 miles from Iverson / Ten Mile intersection.

Artist Marla Skibbins at work

Studio Hours

Tour Dates August 26 & 27 September 2-4
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

I will be absent from this Studio on Labor Day Monday

For everyone's safety, pandemic protocols of masking and distancing are observed.



Cell: 707-332-6083


     My medium is consciousness, intention, and energy.  Each of us is not what we appear and yet nor are we otherwise.  We are each made up of matter…we have these bodies that appear in our 3D reality. And yet we are filled with energy, consciousness, emotions and magic. My work is about capturing conscious energy and intention for the liberation of each of us…the liberation of our hearts and minds.  My work is also about helping my clients to find their own intentions for what they want to create for themselves and using a physical object, like my work,  as a way to ground and remember what they want to create or become.

     The mind and consciousness are the most amazing, mysterious, beautiful and opening medium.  We each are such miraculous paint brushes, painting our lives into being.

     On a less cosmic level, I express the light of my intention through precious metal, semi-precious gems, collage, fused glass, words, love, and clarity.

     I am mostly a self-taught maker. I took a few classes online and read some books and talked with artists.  And the bulk of what I have learned is through my willingness to try things and then to fail, learn, grow and iterate. I often chat with people that come to see me on tour about the art that they want to create and am always encouraging people to just go for it, try “it” whatever that it is.  Making is much easier than we imagine it to be. I think it comes down to bravery really. A bravery to just fling S%#@ out there and to grow and learn from what you have made. Kinda like life.

     I am excited to be at The Henderson’s Studios again this year.  I hope you will come by and chat and drink in the beauty of the Henderson’s land.

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