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Linda Green

Ceramics and Oil Painting

My art is Abstractions inspired coastline explorations.

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In my paint process, I prepare my canvas with a textured surface. It is applied randomly yet plays a strong role in the art as there becomes a dialog between the hard-edged textures and the fluid organic subjects which inspires the process. I work in oil, thin washes to slowly build up.


In clay, it is a similar process. It is a progression of building up and carving or taking away until I find the balance in motion. more recently working in porcelain which offers increased fluidity and delicacy.

Directions to Studio # 14A at 42130 Rock Cod, The Sea Ranch. From Hwy 1 mile marker 57.72, go west on Halcyon, right on Leeward Road, left on Seal lion, then right on Rock Cod to #42130.

Studio Tour Hours

August 26 & 27 & September 2-4
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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