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Larain Matheson

Encaustic wax and oil painting, Semi precious jewelry designs.
My art is inspired by the natural architecture of the sea and land. …Oils, beeswax and a torch to fuse multiple layers to create transparencies. Learned from  ancient traditions centuries old, my journey is to create beautiful impressionistic compositions from realism to abstracts.


Directions to Studio #26 at 34101 Highway 1, Gualala 

From Anchor Bay drive north 1.3 miles on Hwy 1. 
At mile marker 5.79 turn east into driveway 
immediately north of Ohlson Lane.

Studio Tour Hours

August 24-25 & Aug. 31-Sept. 2
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

My studio is also open all year by appointment.



Phone:  719-588-0777



Encaustic art is a 2000 year old medium dating back to the Egyptians and the Greeks. I’ve been exploring this medium of using beeswax and oils mixed together, for the past 13 years. My inspiration comes from the beauty of where we live, and I emphasize the elements of air, earth, fire and water, in my work. 


My tools are melting pure beeswax, mixing my colors by adding oils, and melting them at a high degree of heat. The process is labor intensive but allows me to mix many hues of colors which I paint on with brushes, onto a wood panel. The process can also be subtractive where I use scraping tools or mixed media like photo transfers, collage, and papers, embedded into the wax. I fuse each layer with a torch, to the underlayer of color and wax. My work has between 5-15 layers of wax and oil paints in it, which creates the transparency and depth.


I received my M.F.A, from U.C.L.A. back in the 70’s where I worked with artist Richard Diebenkorn, who was influential in my perspective of the architecture of the landscape in California. Of all the mediums I have worked in for the past 40 years, encaustic has captured my heart. I love working both in realism, from photos I take, as I walk the coastal trails, and also abstracting from nature. Encaustic painting allows me the freedom to explore and add layers from the unseen to what the finished painting will be, making the unseen more visible.

I have received many awards in the Art In the Redwoods shows, the Salon Show, and exhibit in Santa Fe, NM, Encaustic Museum, at the Discovery and Dolphin Galleries in Gualala, California, The O Hanlon Center in Mill Valley, and in Colorado. My work is in many collections throughout the USA.


I invite you to my studio to see the many compositions I create, from realism to abstraction.          

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