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Keith Wilson


Oil on linen and watercolor

Abstract land and form-based oil paintings and north coast inspired watercolors


Keith Wilson received a BA and M.Arch in Architecture from UC Berkeley and practiced Architecture for over 30 years. Concurrently, he maintained a steady production of watercolor paintings and drawings of invented space and structures which paralleled and inspired his architectural design efforts during this period. Discontinuing his architectural practice in 2001 he began painting abstract landscapes in sumi-ink/watercolor and studied natural systems and relationships.

Twelve years ago Wilson began a concentrated focus working with oil paint and developed a stronger and more direct way of painting with the potential to increase the size and scale of his work. The paintings are constructed as they are being painted and he often uses pallette knives instead of brushes.

The color block paintings currently being produced are narrative neutral   consisting of simple color/shapes on linen that play out parallel relationships distilled from a critical view of the built environment and from the ethereal spaces experienced in nature.


Over the last 40 years he has had many solo and group exhibits, participated in open studios and is represented in local collections. His work has regularly been selected for inclusion in Juried competitions in The San Francisco Area.  A list of exhibits is available on his website: along with a comprehensive overview of paintings from many periods of his artistic inquiry and text.

A resident of the Bay area since 1972, Keith Wilson currently lives part time in San Rafael but spends most of his time in his studio on the Sonoma coast. He has traveled extensively and conducts research that corresponds to his on going artistic exploration.


Directions to Studio #8 at 39295 Pacific Reach, The Sea Ranch. From mid-Sea Ranch (near Chapel and Fire Station) turn right onto Whalebone Reach from Hwy 1. Take first right onto Pacific Reach. The studio is at the 4th house on the left, behind a large cypress hedge. Please park along the street.

Studio Tour Hours:

August 26 & 27 September 2-4
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.




Phone: 510-290-9221

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