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David Yager


High fired stoneware, functional and beautiful pieces for display or everyday use. All hand-thrown on the wheel and glazed using David's proprietary "Swirly" glazes, all hand mixed.


Directions to Studio #14 at 41122 Leeward Road, The Sea Ranch.

From Hwy 1 coming from the south, turn west on Deer Trail then north (right) on Leeward. 

From Hwy 1 coming from the north, turn west on Halcyon, then south (left) on Leeward.

Studio Tour Hours:

August 24-25 & Aug. 31-Sept. 2  

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Open year-round by appointment.



Cell Phone: (530) 518-2122

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I’ve been working with clay for probably half a century. When I was a kid visiting my grandparents in Oregon, I used to dig up clay, bring it home and make things out of it. I went to study business at Washington State University and took a ceramics class for fun. I realized I was spending much more time in the ceramics lab than in business classes, so I changed my major to art. 


One of my early mentors was Michael Lucero, a nationally renowned New York-based ceramics artist, whose work has been featured in the Smithsonian. I was lucky enough to study under Michael at California State University, Chico, as well as under Jack Windsor, who started the CSUC ceramics program and was a master glaze scientist. 


My stoneware is a white, fine-grained clay that is both lightweight and strong, with properties similar to porcelain. I like to make functional pieces—things that are beautiful but that people can use. I choose to work in high fire, which is more expensive and more difficult, but results in highly durable pieces. 


In the last few years I’ve been honing my signature “swirly” pieces that use many colorful glazes that have only recently become available at high temperatures, and which characterize much of my current work. In 2022, I began embellishing my signature on the bottom of my large bowls, adding Sea Ranch scenes like our signature sheep and cypress hedgerows. These became popular, so now I’m painting such scenes on the inside of bowls as well. 


If you want to see the world’s tiniest ceramics studio, dubbed the “microstudio,” along with our beautiful cedar-clad, sun filled home and garden on The Sea Ranch, please visit us on the Tour. 

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