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Paula J. Haymond

Woodwork, Metalwork, Mixed Media

Paula Haymond at work.jpg

     In 2010, Haymond began working full-time as a woodturner/ sculptor, fulfilling a lifelong love of crafting and woodworking. Curiosity and drive for creating led her to an artist in residence rotation at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft in 2011.  While at the center, she was accepted into membership at Archway Gallery, the oldest artist-owned and operated gallery in the country.  Her accomplishments as a wood artist were rewarded in 2012 when two of her vases were juried in by Catherine Anspon of Paper City Magazine in the Houston Visual Arts Alliance 30th Juried Member Exhibition.

     Since then, Haymond has continued to be acknowledged for her innovative and unique style of wood sculpture.  Her work was featured on the front cover of April 2013 Woodturning Magazine followed by a full-page photograph of her piece “Lost Language” in the December issue of American Association of Woodturners magazine.  Haymond has been on the cover of the Rancher Newspaper and has conducted live demonstrations on the Debra Duncan Morning Show and the Sunday Morning News Hour on KPRC, Channel 2.  She has enjoyed solo and group exhibitions at Archway Gallery as well as at Kam’s Chinese Restaurant and the Carl Jung Center of Houston. Haymond has demonstrated her methods of working with wood at the Gulf Coast Woodturners Association, Southwest Association of Woodturners regional symposium, and Virginia Woodturners Symposium.

     In late 2017, she and her partner of 35 years moved to the northern coast of California.  She was an active member of the Coastal Highway Art Collective of Point Arena, California 2017-2020.  Both in 2017 and 2018, she was an active demonstrator at the American Association of Woodturners, a trade show for MDI Woodcarvers.  She also worked as a videographer for the AAW symposium in Portland.

     Since moving to California, Haymond has had a solo exhibition at Coast Highway Artist Collective in May 2019.  She has participated in two seasons of Art in the Redwoods at the Gualala Art Center, winning first place in sculpture in 2019 and first place in woodworking in 2020.  She has been an active member of the board of directors of the Gualala Art Center since 2019. She was named to the Board of Directors of Gualala Art Center in 2019 and Discovery Gallery in 2022.   She currently shows her diversity of works at the following galleries:  The Discovery Gallery,  The Dolphin Gallery, and the Artist Collective of Elk. 

Directions to Studio 18 at 45881 Sunset Drive, Anchor Bay. Turn on Sunset Drive across from the Anchor Bay Campground. It is 1 mile exactly to my studio. When the street forks at the top of Sunset Dr, stay to the left. As you approach the next rise, look for the distinctive redwood fence on the right-hand side,  turn to your right there and proceed to the top of the hill. My studio is on the left side at the top. 

Studio Tour Hours:

 August 27-28 September 3-4
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

​My studio will be closed on Labor Day Monday.

​For everyone’s safety, pandemic protocols of masking and distancing will be observed.


No Public Restrooms.

Pets Welcome

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