Larain Matheson

Colorful abstracts and landscapes inspired by nature. Encaustic wax and oils fused. World gemstone jewelry designs.

larain in studioeditedmh.jpg

My inspiration and passion come from the elements: earth, air, fire and water; nature: rocks, landscapes, skies, ocean influence me. As Matisse says, “the artist is an explorer.” That I am! I love to explore the medium of encaustic and collage.  In the Studio Tour this year I have explored a series of paintings inspired by driving Highway 1 along the coast: “Ocean Roads.”

I abstract from nature with paint and beeswax and oil, to become a new space and form. I then fuse each layer with a torch to create transparencies of layers. Living on the northern California coast influences my imagery with more abstract shapes.


I have shown in galleries in Colorado and now I exhibit at the Encaustic Art Museum in Santa Fe, NM., and locally at the Dolphin Gallery, and the Discovery Gallery where I am part of this art collective. My work is in many collections throughout the USA.

I received an M.F.A. from U.C.L.A. where I studied with Richard Diebenkorn, and in S.F. with J. De Feo, both well-known contemporary California artists.


The layering of beeswax is a process I got hooked on. My tools are the beeswax, oils mixed with beeswax and a torch, and a heat gun. I really am in the moment with this process which takes so many layers of brushing and fusing sometimes 20 layers. The transparency and sensuality of the wax, and of working many layers are what delights me as many layers of wax and oil built up and fused.

My work can be seen at and at my studio by appointment. I also continue figure paintings and drawings along with the inner landscapes I paint. I am influenced by the natural architecture of the land and the connections in life through the language of line, color, and shape. My paintings try to capture that magic moment where the seen and unseen are made more “visible.” 


Recent Exhibits and Galleries

2020-Discovery Gallery, Collective member

2020-Encaustic Art Museum, Santa Fe, NM

2020-Mendocino Are Center Juried Show

2020-Cloverdale Arts Alliance Gallery Show

2019-Dolphin Gallery

2019-Discovery Gallery

2019 –Art in The Redwoods, Judges Award, Painting 

Directions to Studio 3 at 35375 Fly Cloud Road, The Sea Ranch.

From Gualala turn left at Annapolis Road, mile marker 51.85. Turn right on Fly Cloud Road. Go approx 1/2 mile. House on the left side.

Studio Tour Hours:

August 28 & 29 September 4-6
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.




Contact artist for size, pricing and shipping information.