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Barbara Poole

Printmaking, Painting in Oil and Watercolor

Etchings and paintings that are often narrative and reflect moments in time

Artisy Barbar Pool at work.
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Directions to Studio 3 at 36581 Sculpture Point Drive, The Sea Ranch.
At mile marker 52.5 turn onto Navigators Reach. Immediate right turn (north) to Sculpture Point Drive. 36581 is on the north side of street before the cul-de-sac. Please park on the street.

Studio Tour Hours

August 27 & 28 September 3-5
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

My studio is open year-round by appointment.

For everyone's safety, pandemic protocols of masking and distancing are observed.

      Looking back at my art career, I see that my imagery is all connected to my surroundings.   I make art that explores what happens in a space. Each year I make it a goal to learn something new or develop different subject matter. So in between making very calculated etchings and aquatints, I experiment.  All the work eventually circles around and one piece will influence another.  I develop my work in a series,  so even with a single image, I make many interpretations. 

     When I first started as an artist I was influenced by my childhood in Western Pennsylvania. I drew and built tiny mining houses, documented the barns and farmland.   Through the years I always seem to be documenting.  Most recently I have been interested in some of the old properties I have driven by since the 70’s. When they started falling down I knew I wanted to keep the images of the decaying process.

     Last year my goal was to draw and paint using only what I saw in my mind for reference.  That led to thinking about textures and more exploration this year.   I have been painting grasses as they change with the different seasons and making etchings that are texture rather than image based.  With all this material I have been making small meandering books, some with etchings, some with paintings.   With this year of isolation, my paintings and etchings are even more concerned with documenting just what is in front of me, and often what I am missing most.

     My work is in the Kaiser Medical Center Northern California collection and displayed in both San Rafael and Petaluma.  Paramount Productions has bought and rented my work to use in their sets for Netflix for the past 3 years.   My San Rafael studio is always open and I am available there year-round. 

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