Maynard Hale Lyndon

Drawing, acrylic and oil painting, and photography sometimes combined on wood, canvas, aluminum, or in boxes.


As a child growing up, with my mother being a painter and my father being an architect, I was encouraged from a young age to be observant and to ‘record’ impressions of what I saw—initially by keeping a little notebook of words and places when traveling and by sometimes making a simple sketch of what intrigued my attention. Curiosity about things was instilled in me and my siblings. On a remarkable exploratory family trip adventure to Europe when I was 11, we did lots of such note-taking about what we had seen each day.  Upon our return home to California, I began making scale models in cardboard of several major structures in Paris, for instance:  Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Arc de Triumph, and Notre Dame Cathedral.

All these decades later, I still relish in making things by hand and in creating images both flat and 3-dimensional which might please both the eye and mind….AND which record some observations 'of the moment' or conjure up inventive views into what could be something new and fresh. In recent years, drawing and painting and the making of what I call Looking Boxes are exercises which engage my attention and creative output.


I trained as an architect and studied as an artist. As an Industrial Designer by profession, I also invent and design products. But drawing and painting and juxtaposing things into my Looking Boxes is what I DO with my ‘artist’ hat on, in our home studio.

Other design adventures in my career have included co-founding several companies, including ColorForm, Placemakers, Placewares, LyndonDesign, and DesignLove.