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Bruce Jones

Watercolor, Ink, Stone Carving

I paint and draw in watercolor, ink, and pencil. I also make small sculptures with stone, Paper Mâché, wire, and other media.

Artist Bruce Jones at work

I’ve always drawn and painted. I never tried to make a living doing art, but I always did it for fun and relaxation. So did my parents, and some of my grandparents and great-grandparents. I have paintings by all of them.  We sold the Bay Area company I was working for in 2000 and moved to Gualala, which was my ticket to try art full-time. Since then, I believe my art has improved in leaps and bounds.


The subject matter I’m interested in changes all the time -- from peoples’ faces, hands, and bodies to insects, trees, rocks, flowers, gardens, the ocean with all its moods, cityscapes, engines, whatever. Unlike most watercolor artists, I like strong darks and distinct shapes. The use of inks is helpful with darks so I often use pen & ink in my watercolors and pencil drawings.  And sometimes the art is just ink.


My sculptures are small, none over 3’ in height. They include stone carvings (alabaster, marble, calcite), ceramics, or paper mache and wire, plus some whimsical assemblages. I love searching for shapes I have never seen before. They are all “please touch” sculptures because us tactile people feel frustrated whenever we can’t touch.


When Covid hit and I couldn’t go anywhere, I started doing a lot more pictures of neighbors’ gardens in Prismacolor wax pencil. Wax pencil takes a lot longer to do than watercolor, but I had nothing else to do so I went big into wax pencil and thoroughly enjoyed developing layers of color. I could get completely lost in color and shut the whole world out of my mind. Most of my art in 2020 was wax pencil.


I love being part of this thriving art community. I have applied what I learned from my education and experience in economics and business to our local arts organizations as former president, treasurer or both of Gualala Arts, the North Coast Artists Guild, and the Arts Council of Mendocino County. And I have broadened my arts background by hanging a lot of art shows for Gualala Arts, the Dolphin Gallery and Discovery Gallery. I show my art regularly at the Dolphin and Discovery, plus the Artists Collective in Elk, and irregularly at Think Visual in Point Arena and the WhiteCap in Anchor Bay.



Directions to Studio 12 at 38575 Robinson Reef Drive, Gualala. From Hwy 1 in Gualala, turn west at Robinson Reef Drive at Mile marker 1.62.  and proceed 3 blocks to the dead end.38575 is on the left side of the street.

Studio Tour Hours:

August 28 & 29 September 4-6
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

My studio is also open by appointment, year-round.

​For everyone’s safety, pandemic protocols of masking and distancing will be observed. 

No Pets Please


Website: https//

Home Phone: 707-884-3381
Mail: PO Box 250, Gualala 95445

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