Art inspired by organic material, shells, rock and the human figure.



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Painting and sculpting are ways to create visual text. I consider myself a process artist. My work leans toward the abstract. Although I begin my work with something in mind, I am open to exploration throughout the development of my art. The plan will often change in response to opportunities that arise during the creative process. I frequently shift between mediums. For me, painting is a vigorous practice. Currently, I am working primarily in layers of oil washes over an “absorbent grounds” made of plaster and gesso. It is a medium which allows for exploration and I am continuing to expand and develop how I use this method. If I am feeling like everything needs to slow down I will spend some time working in clay. My subjects shift between figurative, where I work from live models and organic, where I spend time looking at things under a microscope or gather inspiration from the ocean, pieces of shell and other found materials. I am keenly interested in counterbalances; in nature, in people, in relationships. New for 2020, I now maintain both a painting studio and ceramics studio at my residence in The Sea Ranch, while I continue to work in my studio in ARTHOUSE, Sacramento.

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