Geraldine LiaBraaten


From Geraldine,

'Pretty much anything can make me grab my camera and start shooting. I love color, diagonal lines, and rich patterns. The final work may look quite different from the original object, as I like to move in close, grab a corner or change the angle of view. I want to make you wonder, to ponder, and then to have that "aha!" moment when recognition strikes. Enjoy the act of seeing."


Studio Tour Hours

 August 28 & 29 September 4-6
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Directions to Studio 20:

45881 Sunset Drive, Anchor Bay.

At the bottom of Anchor Bay (across from the campground) take Sunset Drive up the hill to the driveway marked 45881. Look for the totem pole on the left side, turn right and proceed up the hill turn right and continue to the top of the driveway. Studio is at the top on the left.

Geraldine will not be participating during the Studio Discovery Tour dates.
Three other artist will still be showing at Studio 20.