Dennis Pedersen

Wheel-thrown and hand-built ceramics, both functional and decorative.

After a few years of visiting various studios and coming to appreciate the incredible artistic community that exists here on the coast, I have become inspired to acknowledge, and display, the artist within. Over many years there have been energetic forces within that have shifted my inner peace, nudging me to seek out nuanced ways of expression, feeling that my use of traditional language was inadequte to convey the innermost stirrings inside. From the time I was a young adult I knew that connection through rhythm would become a mainstay of my daily existence, and soon hand drums and percussion instruments from so many cultures began to allow me to experience a bridge to other forms of life, both past and present. Perhaps in a quest for a melodic, more evocative form of expression, I later began playing Native American and South American flutes, choosing to take one with me whenever we traveled, at times gifting it to someone with a greater need for it than I. I began my relationship with clay at the end of one of those travels. Upon returning from a trip to South America my wife encouraged me to take a class in ceramics. Making clay bowls led to making clay drums, led to making clay flutes, led to . . . Today I continue to nurture my relationship with the clay, to be her humble student, to learn something each day. I currently create wheel thrown and hand built pieces, both functional and decorative. My home studio is limited, and I do most of my work at the Gualala Arts ceramic studio, where I am a volunteer studio assistant. 


Directions to Studio 8 at 249 Bluff Reach, Sea Ranch.  From Hwy1 go west on Breakers Reach, right on Hedgegate, left on Bluff Reach to 249.

Studio Tour Hours:

August 28 & 29 September 4-6
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.



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