Beah Haber Pedersen

Hand built and creatively painted ceramics. Acrylic paintings, abstracts, and impressions.

My journey in artistic expression began with watercolors.  In my teens I worked with clay on a wheel, enchanted by the feel of earth in my hands. For many years I worked in a home studio, focusing mainly on functional objects.

I eventually found my way to painting large canvases, allowing myself to be immersed in color and movement. As I applied the many layers my work transformed in different directions, always enchanting and providing a wonderful place to play. My work continues to move in an abstract world.  Since moving to the Coast my color palette has changed...including many shades of yellows, greens, and blues, inspired and influenced by the energetic landscape that surrounds me.

I found my way back to clay.  This time creating solely with my hands.  After my creations are fired I find new canvases to explore...using small brushes and glazing each piece by hand.  I am drawn by the use of vibrant color.  My pieces are mostly functional, playful, and uniquely created.  My paintings are usually abstract, an exploration in color, and the fullness of life.


Directions to Studio 8 at 249 Bluff Reach, Sea Ranch.  From Hwy1 go west on Breakers Reach, right on Hedgegate, left on Bluff Reach to 249.

Studio Tour Hours:

Tour Dates August 28 & 29 September 4-6
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.



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