Abstract oil paintings with bright colors and forms. Also, North Coast-inspired watercolors..



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My paintings focus on the human efforts of construction/habitation and/or the restorative qualities of the natural world. Linking these frequently disparate components of existence are narrative-neutral paintings consisting of simple color/shapes that play out parallel relationships distilled from a critical view of life. Primarily, the body of work in various manifestations represents painterly invention; an inner peripheral vision documented.

Since I started working in oil on linen 10 years ago I discovered a stronger and more direct way of painting. The paintings are constructed as they are being painted and are not designed or pre-conceived. I feel I have entered into a vibrant creative period which has advanced my connection to pure art; having been informed by my previous years of creating watercolors and architecture. I am drifting into significant understanding of the meaning of what Hans Hofmann identified as “The Real” through a steady, directed and measured mixing and application of paint.

I received a BA and MArch in Architecture from UC Berkeley and practiced for over 20 years. Concurrently, I maintained a steady production of watercolor paintings and drawings which paralleled and inspired my architectural interests.

Four years ago I moved my painting studio to Sea Ranch after having a house here since 2008. Over the years I have had a number of exhibits and showings, open studios, and sales. A CV is available upon request.

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