I paint souls, connecting with much more than the physical allows.


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Wesley Luster is a self-taught portrait artist, born and raised in Oklahoma City. I’ve had a pencil for drawing since grade school and throughout my college career in biology. Now 26 years old, I mainly paint in oils and acrylic, I’ve shared my work, held some workshops, and am still developing my style and process. My portrait style typically utilizes body language, such as eye contact, and color interplay between the background to convey intense emotions while instilling a connection between the subject and the audience. I am passionately inspired by what is not said between individuals, yet still communicated. Understood by a dominant and elusive subconscious. A sub-perspective, able to perceive our environment in a millisecond, going undetected by even our own perception. If when I look at my work, and I can sense or feel something deep within the pit of my stomach, then I know that I have tapped into the subconscious cues, and something is activated.

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