Printmaking, Mixed Media



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I am an abstract painter and printmaker living in Northern California. I maintain a painting studio in Sausalito and a printmaking studio in The Sea Ranch. I am showing color aquatint etchings and mixed media works on paper for the 2020 Studio Discovery Tour.


My current etchings and works on paper investigate the interaction of color in a concentric format and are informed by the color palettes of highly pixelated flower photographs. The wild flowers found in Sea Ranch and cultivated flowers found in northern California are the chosen subject matter. When enlarged beyond recognition, color pixels arrange themselves in areas of flat color from which I select a color palette to work within. Any particular flower palette will give me an assortment of colors to organize in countless color arrangements while retaining a familiar relationship to all the colors within the palette.


The resulting etchings and paintings ignore the true form of the flowers but maintain their chromatic essence and transcend the typical perception of that flower.


Along with these concentric etchings I will be showing recent works informed by the light and shadow of the ocean surface observed at the Sea Ranch shores. They are comprised of pared down graphic shapes that I have simplified over years of observation. The true form of the ocean’s surface has been interpreted into a reticulated, rippled field.

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