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I was hooked on the magic of photography at age 10 when I received my first camera as a gift from a local bank for opening a savings account with $10. My fascination with cameras and photography continued to expand thorough out my younger years. When college beckoned, I attended Rochester Institute of Technology where I majored in photography. Following a tour of duty in the army, I traveled to the west coast and discovered the magnificence of the Bay Area. I moved to San Francisco and opened my freelance photography business, specializing in large format studio advertising and annual reports. It is difficult to conceive that 30 years ago, I was using multiple exposures on one sheet of film with three view cameras! I bring the history of this experience and depth of understanding to a process that now takes a matter of minutes in Photoshop. Traveling around the country doing annual reports and corporate brochures let me experience the vast diversity of the country, population wise and geographically. I was able to do “creative” images on the side while on the road. I now try to take a major trip out of the country annually so I can become “a stranger in a strange land.” Works wonders for my dominant left eye! 

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