Dianne Rasmussen

Photography, paperwork, oil and acrylic on copper and linen


         In his book, Care of the Soul, Thomas Moore wrote, "In ordinary life creativity means making something for the soul out of every experience".  Long before Moore articulated this notion, I was intuitively drawn to its truth.   As a young woman I studied and explored painting, music and the creative possibilities of photography.  All brought great joy and indeed helped "care for my soul".   

        As my life progressed and my family grew, my creative energies were refocused on raising my children in an environment where they too would experience the soul enhancing joy of art.  A career in nursing, particularly my work as a Hospice nurse in Marin County, allowed me to witness how powerfully comforting and healing exposure to beautiful images could be for those living with serious illnesses.  

        Later, with my children grown, my desire to reengage actively with my creative instincts led me to pursue a new career in architectural design.   Helping clients create gracious and comfortable environments brought me great pleasure.    

        I am now able to pursue my love of art with much greater intensity.   I am particularly interested in creating images that evoke the wonders and mysteries of nature and life in all its forms.  All images that touch the soul...

        I am drawn to the Zen Enzo as I combine my Buddhist practice with my art. As a symbol, an Enzo circle expresses the totality of our being….its ultimate wholeness.  The flow of paint in creating the Enzo represents the interconnectedness of all life.  An Enzo, painted on copper, has been donated to the Gualala Art Center and hangs in the meditation garden suspended within the circle of redwoods. 

        My Seascapes, Still Life and Enzo paintings, photographs and mixed media hang in private collections.     Each piece remains “A Moment in Time”.          As I do, may you too benefit from these moments in time, caring for the Soul.  


Directions to Studio 2 at 95 Galleons Reach, the Sea Ranch: From Highway 1, near Annapolis Road at highway marker 51.7, turn west onto Galleons Reach. Go to #95.

Studio Tour Hours:

August 28 & 29 September 4-6
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

My studio is also open by appointment year round.


Dianne Rasmussen 

P.O. Box 361, The Sea Ranch  95497 

707 331-5065