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Suzanne Dunn

Painting and Ceramics

I use acrylic and ink on canvas to create abstract and Expressionist-style landscapes.

I also create wheel-thrown, functional ceramics.

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     For me, the Sonoma/Mendocino coast is a place of peace. I spend hours per week walking the roads and trails. The beauty here is immense, and this gives me solace and understanding. From this place, l create abstract and expressive atmospheric landscape paintings & ceramics inspired by our North Pacific Coast and the surrounding landscape. I work primarily in glazed stoneware for my functional pottery; and acrylic, ink, pencil, and charcoal on canvas for my paintings. Nature has balance. Nature has imperfections. Nature has contrast and it’s in a constant state of renewal. This gives us hope for positive change and evolution. These ideas keep me seeking beauty in the world and making art because of it.

     I have been painting most of my life, formally for 30 years. I received my BFA from The San Francisco Art Institute in 1995. I’ve been a ceramic artist for 8 years and have trained with Takemi Saruta and Master Potter Shiro Otani.

Directions to Studio 8 at 39474 Leeward Road, The Sea Ranch.

Heading South from Gualala, turn right on Leeward Spur, then left on Leeward Road. Watch for a tricky left turn to stay on Leeward Road, then find 39474 on the left. Watch for the Tour sign. 

Studio Hours:

August 27 & 28 and September 3-5
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.




Instagram: suzannedunn_studio

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