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Paige was bitten by the jewelry bug at the young age of five, when she found lost jewels lying at her feet on sidewalks. Finding a shiny rhinestone bracelet and a gold locket awakened a love that has lasted a lifetime. One of her favorite possessions as a child was a sample box of semi-precious gemstones. She was fascinated with what the earth produced, as she marveled at the small samples glued to the bottom of the box, each within its own square. She began stringing beads during the hippie days of the 60’s when “love beads” were all the rage, outfitting her family with her creations. A move to Hong Kong in the 80’s exposed her to the world of semi-precious gemstones to use in her designs, and it was there that she was inspired to launch her jewelry business. She coordinated charity fashion shows and modeled for the American Women’s Association. She also worked for The American Club of Hong Kong as their magazine editor. Travels were another way to add to her bead collection. Shell and coral beads bought on the beaches of the Philippine Islands and Tahiti mix with beads bought outside of King Tut’s tomb in Egypt and Czechoslovakian crystals from Prague. Some of her necklaces feature antique jewelry bits and pieces collected during her years as a vintage costume jewelry dealer. Paige continues to be inspired by the earth’s variety of colorful semi-precious gemstones, pearls and shells from the ocean, and all things jewelry. Her one of a kind necklaces have sold internationally, on both coasts and locally.

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