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Cindy Morey


Macro and regular photos of detailed flower sections, close ups of animals, local and international landscapes and abstracts.

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I have lived in the Manchester CA/Irish Beach community for over 20 years. After traveling to Africa, Asia and Europe, my hobby for photography has grown into a much bigger part of my life. Being an avid hiker and kayaker takes me to unique and awe-inspiring places where you can see nature in its purest form.   

I am enthralled with the Northern California coast, with its wide diversity of flora and fauna, it’s whispering fog that zooms across the landscape like a ghost and the rugged bluffs that expand the views of unique rock formations that lie in the distance. This is truly a photographer’s paradise! My passion is to find the intimate details that others may not see. I seek these hidden gems out for it is the littlest things that thrill me and sometimes leave me speechless! Looking at the unique and intricate designs of nature through a lens, has changed my life forever! I love sharing my viewpoints with others that can appreciate the beauty of nature. 

If  you look at a flower, can you see all the tentacles and crevices deep inside or watch a flower bloom from a small bud into a spectacular blossom. The light, the angle, the time of year and where each flower is located all play into a photograph. Being around animals of all kinds is one of the high lights of my life. Seeing an eyelash on an elephant, or the color of a sloth’s eye or the depth of the stripes on a zebra. Spending a lot of time walking the beaches of Mendocino County with my beloved dog Bodhi, I love to photograph whatever the ocean has to offer. My photographs can be done on metal, canvas or framed on photographic paper in antique or unusual frames to meet the interests of customers. Connecting with someone’s photographs is as intimate and personal and as diverse as nature itself!

My work can be found at the Point Arena Lighthouse in Manchester, CA. and the Coast Highway Artists Collective in Point Arena, CA

Directions to Studio #17B at 246 Screech Owl, The Sea Ranch. From Hwy 1, turn east (inland) on Halcyon (at the north end of  Sea Ranch). At the 4-way-stop, turn left on Deer Trail, then left onto Screech Owl. We're halfway down the street on the left. We will be on the deck in back of the house.

Studio Hours

Tour Dates Aug. 24-25 & Aug. 31-Sept. 2
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

No public restrooms.

No pets please.



 Phone: 650-387-4291

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