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Bob Treppa

Oil paint on stretched canvas
Eclectic -- travel landscapes, abstracts, figure painting, Sea Ranch scenes.

treppa-atwork.jpg bob treppa.jpg

Travel with me to some of my favorite places: the landscapes of France, the Red Rock country of Sedona, or the peace that is The Sea Ranch.  Come with me to the intimacy of the petals of a flower, abstracts of water and nature, to the quiet moments of a kiss, one’s contemplation while being alone.   All are inspirations for my oil paintings and I invite you to share this part of me, the first show of my portfolio.

To quote Rick Rubin: “Our creativity doesn’t come from our ideas … Everything we do has all of ourselves in it…We’re inhabiting the things that we’re making. The good ones have our soul. You know, they have a piece of us in them.”

I welcome you to our spacious, Sea Ranch meadow home with 20-foot ceilings and loft studio, WhaleSong, located west of Highway 1 at 103 Anchorage Close.  Sorry, but my studio is not wheelchair accessible.  With two other artists, Barbara Poole and Mirka Knaster, showing in the neighborhood, come by to see the variety and the richness that the North Coast Artists Guild has to offer.

Directions to studio #4 at 103 Anchorage Close, The Sea Ranch.  From Highway 1, turn west on Navigators Reach, turn right on Sculpture Point, turn right on Anchorage Close.  

Studio Tour Hours:

August 26 & 27 September 2-4
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Notifications: No public restrooms

                                No Pets Please 



Phone:  925-570-8777    925-570-8777  

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