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Arlene Guerrero

Acrylic painting on canvas and wood panels

I paint Mandalas. Every Mandala I create gives me the opportunity to journey to those Sacred places within myself. The stories they tell are revealing.

Artist Arlene GuerrerArtistatwork.jpeg

In October of 2017 I suffered the symptoms of vertigo from a virus that damaged the vestibular nerve of the inner ear. After the nerve is damaged it does not heal, it’s a matter of the brain finding new pathways through the body. So, vertigo is persistent for me. It is very much like having had a brain injury. The therapy for this condition is mostly eye tracking exercises to keep the brain in practice. The exercises are very time consuming as well as boring. I did them faithfully for near a year.


I had always been attracted to Mandalas and I had some understanding that creating them can be good therapy for the brain. I trusted my  intuition enough to change my therapy. I replaced the eye exercises with creating Mandalas. I bought a couple books, searched google, and YouTube to learn the process. I found a lot of inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. During the pandemic I had lots of time to explore. I began using colored pencils on paper, learning how to blend colors etc. but as soon as I picked up a brush and started painting them on canvas I was hooked. Having basically no experience I’ve made plenty of “learning mistakes”. But with my new found passion, the support, guidance and advise, from artist friends I have found my way.


Mandala, a Sanskrit word meaning container or vessel that holds essence, energy, or Spirit. The circles, spirals, represent the winding journey inward we must take to truly know and love ourselves. The repetitive meditative process of creating geometric shapes and patterns is soothing, calming, and helps to release anxiety.


“Every Mandala I create gives me the opportunity to journey to those Sacred places within myself.” The stories they tell are revealing.


Each person’s life is a Mandala – a vast, limitless circle. We stand in the center of our own circle and everything we see, hear, and think, forms the Mandala of our life” Pema Chodran

Directions to Studio #23 at 25215 Ten Mile Road, Point Arena. From Point Arena turn east on Riverside/Eureka Hill Road. Stay right onto Ten Mile Road. Driveway is on the right. Studio is on the first left down the hill.  Approaching from the south:  Go 4.5 miles from Iverson / Ten Mile intersection.

Studio Hours

Tour Dates August 26 & 27 September 2-4
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For everyone's safety, pandemic protocols of masking and distancing are observed.



 Phone: 707-684-0886

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