Miriam Owen – Ceramics and Driftwood Sculpture

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My driftwood work began after 25 years as a studio potter. In 1993 I made a conscious shift to begin making art from found materials, beginning with using what I could find locally. I began by beach combing on local beaches to find natural materials: driftwood, kelp, shells, stones. I embellish with parrot feathers, and natural reeds which I purchase. I also have an extensive bead resource to draw from for further embellishing my figures.

Recent pieces are still figurative but I have developed a fondness for embellishing with things I find walking the streets of San Francisco, my first home, and now my part time home. Rusty metal objects, bent nails, CO2 cartridges, beach plastics from Aquatic Park, all find a place on these quirkier figures.

When you visit my studio on the Gualala Ridge you will also be able to view my flower garden, a passion that explodes on my blog, flowerpower.posterous.com.

Contact Information:

Miriam Owen
PO Box 601
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-3388

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