Dean Thompson – Ceramics, Painted Furniture, Cement Sculpture

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I was first inspired to be an artist by my Gramma Daisy when, at age five or so, I would sit at her side while she perfected her still life or worked her gigantic loom.

Although I never was a weaver and never perfected my still life technique, her inspiration gave me permission to explore other ways to involve myself in the world of art and craft.

My short lived attempts at making paper led to collecting hand made papers from around the world which I use for the covers of my hand bound journals.

In Mexico I was inspired by the “animales”, sculptures made from twigs and painted with bright colors and hundreds of dots. The “dreamtime” paintings of Australia’s aboriginals spoke of their life in the outback using my friend, the dot. Twenty years later I continue to paint furniture using the dot motif.

My pottery forms, all slab construction, are largely inspired by useful objects from ancient cultures.

Contact Information:

Dean Thompson
PO Box 302
The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

Phone: 707-785-9111