Bruce Jones – Watercolors, Ink, Drawing, Sculpture

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When you come to my house during Studio Tour or see one of my shows at local galleries, you see a lot of different subject matter – from people to landscapes -- and a lot of different media – drawings, paintings and sculpture.

My drawings emphasize the shapes of things more than their line or color: faces and hands that demonstrate strong emotions or unusual lighting, miniatures in colored pencil and larger drawings in black and white on gray or brown paper, nudes and trees in ink with ink washes.

My watercolor paintings are generally less representative than the drawings but also oriented to the shapes of things more than their color or texture – flowing shapes in sea and sky, contrasting geometries of highways, rocks and trees.

My small sculptures are in stone, ceramic and paper mache They are more abstract than the paintings and drawings -- contrasting inside shapes with their outsides, showing surface designs that contrast with the surfaces themselves, and some shapes that are just meant to be different from any you have seen before.

Although my education and work experience were in economics and business, I’ve been painting all my life, as did several members of my family. I’ve done art practically every day since moving to the coast in 2000.

Contact Information:

Bruce Jones
38575 Robinson Reef Drive
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-3381

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