Barbara Poole - Printmaking & Painting

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My work is in response to what I encounter when I travel, take walks or visit with family and friends. I let the images sift through my memory and then develop a subject for the work. Often I create the same subject in varying sizes or different mediums to work out the idea. I like to see what happens when I continue a process until the unexpected happens. That way process begins to direct the next body of work. My latest series is about how people react to each other during everyday activities.

I like to have at least 3 types of work in process at the same time. Each influences the other and subconsciously changes the direction. My work has evolved from painting what I am, and where I am from, using memories from my childhood in the Pennsylvania countryside. I was surrounded with farmlands, old barns, changing seasons and family.

Mining houses in company coal towns were part of the landscape. For a few years I built small constructions that reflected the paintings and my personal history. Now I am a printmaker using aquatint and etching to make the images using an altogether different medium. All my work seems to be about a sense of place and the people in it.

Contact information:
Phone: 415-686-8221
Mail: 59 Oxford Dr, San Rafael, CA 94903

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