Cynthia Myers - Sand Carved Art Glass

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The colorful glass Cynthia Myers uses for her art is hand blown exclusively for her by craftsmen in West Virgiilla, North Carolina and Brazil. Once in her hands she considers the individual character of each blank vase before she transforms it into the Art Glass she is so well known for.
Cynthia begins her craft by first covering the surface of each vase with resist tape where upon she draws a unique design. Following the lines of her drawing, she then cuts through the
tape with a razor blade. Once in the sandblasting booth, Cynthia's 20 years of experience with glass etching is reflected in the thoughtfulness of her designs. As the tape is
pulled from each flower petal, grape or feather, and sandblasted one at a time, the depth and shadowing of the artwork is etched into the glass.

The cut away lip is a signature of Cynthia's technique, changing the shape of the vase and making it a part of her artwork Ginkgo leaves circle the top of a vase. The wing tips of
a Great Blue Heron reach out as if to take flight.

A farm girl at heart, she taught herself glass etching using her family's air compressor, which was part of their vineyard operation in Sonoma County, California. Cynthia now lives, works, and plays on the beautiful Mendocino Coast
where she grows a beautiful garden, loves to dive, kayak, and fish in the Pacific Ocean. These surroundings give her an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

When people experience Cynthia's work they are touched by her fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. It brings a glow and warmth to their home.

Cynthia Myers Art Glass is featured in museums, private collections, and galleries in Europe, Canada, Japan, Greece, and across the United States. She also does Commissions for architectural glass projects and you can see examples of sand-carved doors, windows, and showers, on her web site.

Contact Information:

Cynthia Myers
PO Box 1302
Mendocino, CA 95460

Phone: 707-937-2355
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