Bill Apton – Photography

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I was enamored with the magic of photography at age 10 when I received my first camera as a gift from a local bank for opening a savings account with $10. My fascination with cameras and photography continued to expand throughout my younger years. When college beckoned, I attended Rochester Institute of Technology where I majored in photography and received a B.S. Degree.

Following a tour of duty in the army, I traveled to the west coast and discovered the magnificence of the Bay Area. I moved to San Francisco and opened my freelance photography business, specializing in photographing people and products on location and in the studio for a myriad of annual reports, advertising, fashion and editorial clients.

I'm proud to be in the private collection of Ansel Adams, now at the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona, Tucson. As a member of Superstock, a world wide photo agency, my images have been used in a variety of advertising venues.

As a frequent traveler, I'm always looking for the beauty in every locale and have been continually producing art photos for 40 years.

Contact Information:
Bill Apton
PO Box 1131
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-4278