JoAnne Abreu – Mixed Media Gourds

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I have been a basket maker for twenty years. The basketry technique I love most is coiling. When I was introduced to hard shell gourds ten years ago, I knew I had to use my coiling art on these great gifts of nature.

Beginning with the gourd as my foundation, I use coiling to build something new. I create a structure that combines gourd and fiber, thus enhancing or altering the gourd's original shape. To accomplish this I wrap waxed linen thread around a fiber core, attaching row upon row to the gourd. Color is added using leather dye. The piece is preserved with a protective coating. Some gourds are covered with handmade paper.

I love the entire process used to create my pieces. It begins with studying a gourd in its natural state, deciding how it should be cut and built upon, and then transforming it into a three-dimensional art form.

A life-long fascination with shapes and textures in nature, as well as ceramics, woodturning, and fiber arts, keeps me motivated to explore and create.  

Group Exhibitions:
    Bay Area Basketmakers, Gualala Arts Center – 2000 thru 2005
    Festival of Art in the Redwoods – 2000, 2004, 2005

Gallery Shows:
    Scharfenberger Cellars, Philo – 2004, 2005
    Pacific Echo Cellars, Philo – 2001
    Dolphin Gallery, Gualala – 2000, 2004
    Festival of Art in the Redwoods, Mixed Media – 2000, 2004, 2005
    Conference of Northern California Handweavers, Technical Merit – 2000

Contact Information:
    JoAnne Albreu
    P.O. Box 673
    Albion, CA 95410

    Phone: 707-961-4682