Zola de Firmian – Fine Art Ceramics

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My passion is to transmit the beauty and power of the natural world: its gifts of balance, sanctuary, freedom. It’s a healing place, our Earth.

I began making pots in the Arizona Mountains as a child, digging the beautiful red clay near my grandparents' spring. I love to paint, so as my work evolved, I’ve moved toward use of brighter clay materials such as porcelain and white stoneware- the ground where I capture my chosen glaze colors. Currently I work in clay at my studio, and in the schools teaching art.
My pieces are hand-built, fired to Cone 6: Handbuilt Vessels, Tiles, Masks & Wall designs. Some are cast, then uniquely carved using simple molds of my own design (such as my Watershed tile mural set- native plants, fish, and streamside.) Each of these pieces is one-of-a-kind, with unique painterly glaze effects. Much of my work is suited to the outdoors and for garden installations.

I aim for a balanced tension between the rugged and refined, sometimes incorporating paper into porcelain to make translucent paper thin sheets with torn edges. The painterly approach to glazing presents unique challenges, for I use fluid colorful glazes that interact in often unpredictable ways. Work with clay mixes together technical-chemical aspects, and then throws in fire and self. It’s intense, pure alchemy, ceramics!

B.A. in Humanities / Focus-Ceramic Arts, from Dominican University, San Rafael
Masters in Education and Multiple Subject teaching credential; also above
Certified Environmental Educator

Contact Information:

Zola de Firmian
PO Box 416
Manchester, CA 95459

Email: zfirmian@mcn.org
Phone: 707-882-2393
Website: www.zinfusionz.com
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