Jennifer Bundey – Watercolors and Acrylics

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My passion for color and my understanding of darkness and light have developed gradually over a long period.  Much of my learning has been through experience.  As a fledgling teacher in Australia, trained solely to teach academics, I was also required to instruct my students in a broad range of arts and crafts.  I learned on the job, taking classes with artists whenever possible.  Intensely drawn to the transformative process of painting, I later used my sabbatical to complete two years of art training at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento.  After another long stint in teaching and school administration, I moved to the California coast and took up my paint brushes as my life's work.

I paint because I love color: its spirit, character and nuances.  Painting is a contemplative process for me, keeping me in touch with the Divine and deepening my understanding of myself and others.  While each painting develops, I explore color relationships through the polarities of movement and stillness, darkness and light, line and space.  Watercolors and acrylics are my paints of choice; I enjoy the challenges and possibilities in each of them.

In watercolor, my starting point is "veil painting", a process in which every wash must dry before another is applied.  I begin with one or two colors in transparent tones.  As the layers build and overlap, new colors and shades emerge.  I intensify some areas until they become opaque, and leave others as almost invisible veils.  The contrast creates luminosity in the painting.  The final forms and patterns result from planning and a liberal sprinkling of serendipity.  Trust and artistic tension are critical components.
Acrylics enable me to use bolder, more intense colors on canvas to create a range of moods, from playful to dramatic.  Color comes first, whether the result is abstract or representational.  The sky provides constant inspiration.  Every now and then a sunset or storm demands to be painted! Sometimes, if I am not sure whether to place two colors together, I find the answer in the sky.

Contact Information:

Jennifer Bundey
1101 Keeler Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94708

Phone: 510-843-2871
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