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Bird Spirit Necklace (front)

Bird Spirit Necklace (back)

Heart of Metta Necklace on Shells
Let Go Necklace (front)
Let Go Necklace (back)

Marla Skibbins, Prayer Artist

My artistic expression crashed into my spiritual unfolding in 2009. Up to that point I was an artistic wanderer: I tried paper making, mixed-media collage, painting, stamping, digital collage and photography. I would jump in hot and heavy and buy a bunch of stuff for whatever medium I was working with and then work with that medium for awhile. But what I was doing never quite expressed the song of my heart. Eventually, I would quietly pack away that particular art supply arsenal.

I became ill with Lyme Disease in 2007 and was literally wasting away. During the worst time of my Lyme illness, my spiritual practice became even more central to my life. I did more silent meditation retreats, spent more time with my spiritual teacher and became even more dedicated to my own liberation. During this time I picked up a new art medium. My heart wanted to express my wish for myself and all beings to live with liberation. This time it was metal jewelry making.

I took a few online classes and taught myself how to fuse, solder, metal stamp, wire wrap and set collage in resin. All of my past artistic dabbling came together with my spiritual aspiration to create what I call my prayer art. I love how my artistic expression and my artistic path have been a process of failure. I go from, “ No, not that” to “No, not THAT” to, “DEFINATELY NOT THAT!” And then, magically, the beauty of a deeper truth reveals itself. Many of my pieces get created from the process of going from failure to failure until the beautiful truth is revealed.

All of my prayer art is made in my home studio in a sunny little meadow nestled in the redwood forest on the Northern California Coast. I live in my sanctuary on The Sea Ranch with my beloved husband David Skibbins and my puppy girl, Kyra.

My work is comprised of prayers, beads, base metal, recycled copper, sterling silver, mixed-media collage, leather and resin. My art is a prayer for all beings to live with ease of well-being. As I create my work my wish is that it creates more safety, deeper opening, and the liberation of hearts and minds. Wear it with happiness and joy!

Contact Information:
Marla Sparkkle Skibbins
PO Box 31
The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

Phone: 707-322-6083

Marla in Studio