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Sunset Flight

Surf Fishing

Karen Petersen Scott’s first camera ended up at the bottom of an earthquake crevasse taking photos of Yosemite’s firefall and Devil’s Post Pile with it; but to capture on film the chipmunk running down the breach in the earth for a crust of bread was still worth the effort! After sacrificing several cameras in the quest for the perfect shot, photography was abandoned for decades until the magic of digital arrived. Dragging friend and Wolf Park photographer Monty Sloane to every beach/offshore rock/precarious perch in Northern California on his annual visits to wolves of the west, she learned to photograph canines at their eye level (resulting in many nose prints on lenses) and began a photographic record of life at the edge of the sea. In 2001, she accompanied a friend to Pam Patrie’s Tapestry Workshop in Cannon Beach intent upon spending ten days photographing Silver Point and Jockey’s Cap, got hooked on tapestry and merged her artistic passions. Using the portable “Archie” loom Pam provided for workshop participants and her own photographs as cartoons, she became a midnight weaver returning to Cannon Beach in 2002 and 2004 for further instruction. Her husband fed her weaving addiction by building a 40”x72” freestanding loom from a discarded Makita tool display rack found at a local hardware store. Sunset Flight to Phi was the first piece woven on the new loom. As soon as it was completed, suffering from “empty loom syndrome,” she re-warped and began Surf Fishing at Hearn Gulch.

In the spring of 2006, diagnosed with breast cancer, she traveled to India for surgery, a “medical vacation,” came home for chemotherapy, subsequent operations and related disasters. Drenched in appreciation for life and the beauty of the world surrounding her, she emerged from the above to complete Surf Fishing in 2008. During the “related disasters” part of the saga, she returned to the portable “Archie” loom and created the “Starship Scott” series inspired by Hubble photographs. Through the entire aftermath of her husband’s automobile accident/quadriplegia/surgeries/ rehabilitation/recovery, the Zen of weaving provided a point of peace in her life: “the tactile nature of this art form soothes the soul.”

Her passion for tidal pools produced the “Low Tide Series” of photos. Mounted on glass, they explore the richness and diversity of life in Anchor Bay Cove. Her first entry in a juried show, the annual Marine Wildlife Exhibit at Mendocino Art Center, Filter Feeders of Bidet Crevasse, won first place in color photography in 2007 and then again in that year’s Art in the Redwoods. Since then she has been a regular exhibiter at Gualala Art Center and the Discovery Gallery. She and husband J. Moloney Scott own Banana Belt Properties in downtown Anchor Bay where her art is on display.

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Karen Scott
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Email: karen@bananabelt.com
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Phone: 707-884-1109 / 707-884-3750