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Egg of Maple

Bowl 1

Fenestrated Black Walnut Bowl

Art has been my life as long as I can remember, beginning with the feeling of “I need” to sketch or paint when I was a child, to being the mother who started the art programs in local schools, to getting my art degree and becoming a serious artist.  

I am a retired botanist who taught thirty years at Sonoma State, retiring seventeen year ago. Since 1980 we have been living six miles s.e. of Santa Rosa in a knoll-top home built by my father and me of adobe and redwood. My work shop with several wood lathes, lies below the house on a flat area.

Born and raised in Fresno, I have spent summers at Huntington Lake since 1938.

Our sales studio in Gualala we call the ìTree Houseî.

It also was built by my father and me, in about 1973 and for many years was our weekend retreat with our two, now-grown children.

My first turning experience was in a Fresno High School woodshop class and I knew that I would eventually get back to it. I didnít think it would take over fifty years, however.

My turnings, with a few exceptions, came from windfall trees in the central Sierra or from downed trees which were once growing in Sonoma County. 

Contact Information:
Chuck Quibell
4682 Hidden Oaks Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 94404

Phone: 707-575-5537

Eccentric Square Bowl
Chuck at the Lathe