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Cypress Trees

Art has been my life as long as I can remember, beginning with the feeling of “I need” to sketch or paint when I was a child, to being the mother who started the art programs in local schools, to getting my art degree and becoming a serious artist.  

Looking back at my art career, I see that my imagery is all connected to making a place, an environment of contentment or an exploration of what happens in a space.  First I worked in watercolor, documenting what went on around me in a very naïve and unschooled way. Those paintings have the honesty and liveliness of a child. Then I moved to oil paintings, again exploring my surroundings but concentrating on technique, influenced by art school.  After a few years, I began combining my ideas into 3 dimensional box paintings, literally creating a place to depict imaginary or real events.   This led to making tiny little houses that reminded me of my childhood in Pennsylvania with the mining company towns. I began giving the houses life by using images of my family.  In time I began to use paintings for the houses as a documentation of trips or people’s lives. Texture, layers of color and ideas became more important to me and I began to explore printmaking and monotypes.

Recently I have gone back to school to learn etching and have set up a studio where I can etch plates and print with my own press. I am honing the skills of aquatint and intaglio printing, now using more than 1 plate to make a color image.  This year I have begun to make a few mezzotints as well as to paint much larger oil paintings.

We have had a house in Sea Ranch for 4 years now and my work reflects how much I love being near the water and its endless changing patterns.  My head is full of the movement of the water and waves.  Of course, the fog, mist, weather and water are now the subjects of my paintings.

Each year I make a resoution to learn something I haven’t tried before in art with the goal of remaining fresh and continually challenged. As a result, I incorporate many different methods of making art, combining and alternating media to say the same thing many ways. 

Contact Information:
Barbara Poole
59 Oxford Dr
San Rafael, CA 94903

Phone: 415-686-8221 / 415-479-4262