Miriam Owen – Monoprint Printmaking

Strange Bird

Celestial Harmony

Printmaking is a new art adventure for me. After working in other mediums for over 40 years, I have transformed what was once a clay and sculpture studio, into a printmaking studio.

In 2015, I sponged years of clay and sawdust off of the white walls and painted them barn red and two different teal greens. The colors alone transformed the studio but so has the addition of glass top tables for rolling inks and a very large open spoke Conrad Monotype Press.

The spontaneity of the monotype process is an exploration for me, full of endless possibilities, as I learn to use my eye to see in a whole new way.

Contact Information:
Miriam Owen
PO Box 601
Gualala, CA 95445

Email: miriamo@mcn.org
Website: www.miriamowenmonoprints.com
Phone: 415-713-5966 / 707-882-3826

Hands & Shells
Cruising in Deep Space