Meg Oldman Illuminations Art & Glass – Etched & Fused Glass

Barking Rocks Library Window

Eos Face & Hands

In The Cycle of My Art

I seek the discovery of beauty, in my life and in my creations-
I believe Beauty-
Created even out of grief or sadness, still serves to balance
Life- sustaining us.

I create a design to capture a moment- to incorporate new life
Into the clear, unblemished surface of crystal.
This moment, captured within my design, carved into the glass
Creates a greater beauty- the complex combination of a vision
Etched across glass through which I view the greater world.

Crystal- hard, brittle, and bright is also
Soft, gentle, forgiving.
It accepts the contrasts imposed-
It accepts this play of dark and light,
It accepts the order of design and the chaos of a vision-

Just as we try to accept our own contrasts,
In our search for meaning…

Contact Information:
Meg Oldman
PO Box 1067
Point Arena, CA 95468

Phone: 415-713-5966 / 707-882-3826

Inside 800 J 3rd Floor